What Is It About Our Cosy Little Floral Studio in Windsor?


At Haus 101 we have a passion for creating truly beautiful floral arrangements.

Whether they are bright and abrupt, polite and peppy, or even wild and spiky – we have a love for all things floral.

Haus 101 is the brainchild of Laura Jessop-Smith, the interior designer turned florist and owner of the small and charming flower studio nestled amongst the beautiful and scenic Hawkesbury region of Western Sydney.

Laura came to open her little studio after five years in design training, a degree, and many nights of perfecting her craft in designing naturally fluid floral arrangements to suit any occasion.

Laura has intertwined her various design skills to deliver stunning and natural floral arrangements from the studio of Haus 101.

Through her love of all things natural and floral, Laura has developed a signature style of elegance for the Haus 101 name – creating naturally bold and free flowing floral designs for weddings, birthdays, anniversary’s and almost any other special occasion & event.

Designs stemming from our area’s natural flora

We create our designs from wild growing flowers and seasonal blooms that will perfectly match our client’s individual needs.

Haus 101 specialise in wedding flowers, special events, and everyday floral arrangements. Our main objective? To enhance and stimulate our client’s senses and emotions. To feel what it truly means to express happiness or sadness and everything in between. To spark a memory or live in the moment.

With a discerning eye for zest and detail, we have developed a reputation for being one of the most elegant providers of floral arrangements in the Western Sydney region.


Contact us to arrange a consultation

Now that you have read about our dedication and love for providing exquisitely beautiful floral arrangements, we would love to hear from you!

Please do not hesitate to call our cosy little studio on (02) 4505 1314, email us at info@haus101.com.au or drop us a message on our contact page and we can arrange… well just about anything floral for you!

|| some of the things we do ||

//  Everyday Floral Bunches, Bouquet’s & Posy’s

//  Corporate Flowers & Events

// Media & Brand Launches

//  Wedding Flowers

//  Engagements

// Funerals

//  Dinner Parties

//  Bridal Showers

//  Baby Showers

//  Photo Shoots

//  Freelance Jobs